SM North EDSA Sky Garden

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The quarter-mile long Sky Garden at the SM City North EDSA shopping mall redefines the complex by providing over 160,000 SF of lush gardens and shaded lounging areas to its shoppers. No longer just a mall, the Sky Garden, with its assortment of entertainment features, transforms the mall into a unique and lively destination for the entire city.

The greenscape is on the top of a new parking structure and bus transport center and links discreet components of the complex. Composed of 55 species of mostly-native trees, bushes, flowers, and grasses, the garden is designed to thrive in its climate and can subsist primarily on rainwater runoff, which is stored on-site. Sculptural objects are interspersed throughout the landscape and can be used as sitting furniture or as playground objects for children.

Openings in the garden reveal entrances down into the mall and tunnels to shops and cafes embedded beneath the sculpted botanical landscape. A winding pathway guides guests through these commercial destinations and the more publicly-oriented lagoon, aviary, and amphitheater. Water – ponds, fountains, and a 25 meter wide waterfall to the ground level – links the zones thematically and cools the entire Sky Garden.

Location Manila, Philippines
Type Masterplanning, Retail
Services Landscape Architecture
Size 3.7 acres