ArquitectonicaGEO’s biophilic approach to landscape architectural design and land use planning services create environmental works of art on areas, buildings, and structures.  These spaces are designed with built-in planters, green roofs, built-in and/or standalone furniture, pergolas, pavilions, swimming pools, yoga pads, sport clubs, putting greens, spas, and other amenities are designed in these spaces to provide natural beauty, user appeal, and energy efficiency and a biophilic experience. Beyond what meets the eye, GEOBIOMIAMI℠ design services approach enhances user connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct and indirect connection with nature, space, and place conditions. This design strategy has health, environmental, and economic benefits for building occupants and urban environments when used at both the building and city scales, with few drawbacks.

ArquitectonicaGEO also collaborates with clients, specialized consultants, and manufacturers to create world-class design and cultivate resilient design consciousness at all levels of our company. Our efforts are driven by innovation and focused on providing targeted landscape solutions. We apply our findings to designing projects and manufacturing products that address the needs of our customers and emerging issues in the landscape to bring unique aesthetics and sustainable performance to every corner of our landscapes.

Our GEOBIOMIAMI℠ branded design services include:

Resilient Landscape Design

Urban Furniture Design