Parque Samanes

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Parque Samanes is an 800 hectare park with active and passive program that proposes to radically enhance the quality of life for its neighboring residents.  Located in the heart of Guayaquil’s urban fabric, our objective is to offer citizens a great urban park and an important center for recreation, education and athletics.  At the same time, the park serves to reconnect the city and its citizens with the ecology and natural beauty of the Daule River in which the city sits. Samanes Park will be an emblematic park that will serve the needs of a modern metropolitan Latin American city. The diverse features of the park are contained by a great ellipse which gives simple order and clear connectivity within the irregular site.

The design of the Master Plan creates a three phase vision for the development of the 800 hectares. Samanes Park synthesizes the main existing elements within the park: relatively undisturbed wetlands, historic rice fields, river, city, and forests, and the newly built sports fields. Additionally, a spectrum of recreational programs will all be organized within a safe environment for people of all ages, interests, and needs.

Location Guayaquil, Ecuador
Services Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Green Infrastructure, Streetscape
Size 1,976 Acres / 800 Hectares