Florida International University School of International & Public Affairs

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The landscape design is inspired by the tectonics of continental formations and their interconnections by land and water. The angular lines of the design, both on the ground and on the 9900 SF green roof, reflect the building’s architecture. A rock garden uses the same concept of continental formations. A massing of rocks is densely positioned on the ground near the cantilevered wall of the building, preventing people from entering the space. The rocks transition into larger size boulders that provide seating areas underneath the cantilevered theater. The drop-off area is highlighted by a specimen tree. The tree’s branching represents the various disciplines which are found under one canopy, a unifying roof, the School of International Studies.

A second phase courtyard design has been proposed. Inspired by the same concept, the courtyard would include a deck for the cafeteria, a special reflecting pool for the memorial ‘on axis’ with the adjacent garden, and a defined deck over the water that evokes the different ‘detached’ continents.

Location Miami, Florida
Services Landscape Architecture, Green Infrastructure
Size 9,168 SF
LEED-NC 2.2 GOLD 2011
Sustainable Building Design - AIA Miami 2013
Honor Award of Excellence – AIA Florida
Excellence in Architecture – AIA Miami
COTE (Committee on the Environment) Sustainable Design Award – AIA Florida
Green Building Award – ENR Southeast Construction