CityPlace Doral

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CityPlace Doral is a new 16.46 acre mixed-use life-style center combining residential and retail/entertainment venues in the heart of existing disconnected office uses. The development services the flanking busy office population in the daytime and offers a variety of leisure options for its own and neighboring residential units in the evenings and weekends. Although varied in its offering, the development focuses on an assortment of food & beverages and interrelated entertainment options, each with outdoor components. The project provides its own parking as well as shares the underutilized off-peak existing office parking inventory. The intent is to capture the current void in the area for local food and entertainment options for office workers during the day and the fast-growing residential population. At the heart of the development is a public ellipse, acting as the new centre’s square. ArquitectonicaGEO designed all hardscapes, streetscapes, and implemented planting conducive to urban shading.

The 2.6 million square foot development was designed as the practical evolution of the City’s master plan and pattern book for the neighborhood. The programmed spaces are organized around active open spaces to create synergies and interaction. Although each venue has independent custom layouts and facades, they will all share common unifying elements like wrap-around walkways, canopy features and material palette. Ample pedestrian connections to the surrounding neighborhoods as well as its own residential offerings help activate the environment. The resulting design demonstrates the ability of a willing developer to work with the city guidelines and create a fun, successful master plan.

Location Miami, Florida
Type Mixed-Use, Public, Residential, Retail, Urban
Services Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, Green Infrastructurure
Size 2,600,000 SF / 241,547 M2