Fendi Chateau

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The Fendi Chateau, the world’s first Fendi branded residence, features formal gardens with a modern sub-tropical approach, the design embodies coastal living and style at the intersection of comfort, safety and sustainable design. The proximity to the ocean makes addressing the demands of the climate and the solar exposure through landscape architectural elements essential. A large pond brings the ocean into the garden, passively cools the space, and provides a sense of relaxation for residents to lounge.

To ensure that all exterior areas are used to their full potential, a putting green and barbecue areas are also incorporated within the gardens. Comfort and safety are paramount, but this design embedded with oceanfront amenities transforms the outdoor experience into a landscape ambiance unlike any other within the area.

Location Miami, Florida
Type Residential, Waterfront
Services Landscape Architecture, Streetscape
Size 85,036 SF / 7,900 SM