G-TOP℠ Elevated Design Services

ArquitectonicaGEO has over 15 years of experience designing outdoor spaces that are mainly elevated (on-deck). This has provided our team with a vast knowledge that is specific in scope which requires a much deeper understanding of landscape architecture design on structures.  We have been able to provide our clients with the expertise needed to maximize the potential of projects by successfully integrating green infrastructure and safety features to outdoor environments on deck while designing for the user’s enhanced experience through these spaces.

What are G-TOP/G-TOPS℠ Services?

The short answer is ArquitectonicaGEO’s elevated version of landscape architectural design and land use planning services, which create environmental works of art on elevated areas that are higher than ground level, often the roof of a building or structure. Built-in planters, green roofs, built-in and/or standalone furniture, pergolas, pavilions, swimming pools, yoga pads, sport courts, putting greens, spas, and other amenities are designed in these spaces to provide natural beauty, user appeal, and energy efficiency. Beyond what meets the eye, the G-TOP℠ design approach incorporates green infrastructure and safety features, which may include elements such as stormwater collection and storage for irrigation, railings, low albedo materials, native planting, and natural materials. Elevated above all, ArquitectonicaGEO’s G-TOPS℠ design services integrate multiple spaces of a larger site with an overall flow that is functional, adaptable, stylish, welcoming, and easily accessible.

EAST Miami at Brickell City Centre

EAST Miami at Brickell City Centre